is a production of geothermal water, consultants and service company, created in 1989 from a nucleus of professionals experienced in exploration and production of underground fluids (ground water, hydrocarbons, geothermal -hot water and steamsources), with a view to promote new drilling/completion/production technologies.

  • Its activities address the following areas of engineering and services:
  • well drilling and completion;
  • reservoir engineering and resource/reserve assessments;
  • well logging/testing, reservoir simulation and resource management;
  • exploitation monitoring, surveillance and maintenance of production facilities;
  • workover of damaged wells and completions;
  • coiled tubing service;
  • waste processing, abatement and disposal;
  • chemical inhibition of corrosion/scaling/microbiological damage;
  • feasibility studies and financial planning;
  • environmental impact surveys;
  • legal/institutional aspects of resource management.

Alongside engineering and services, GPC has developed specific R, D and D actions focused on:

Drilling/production technologies

  • Jetting tools for removal of casings/completions scale damage and restoration of well productive/ injective capacities.
  • Continuous resident downhole chemical injection and control lines.
  • Development of coiled tubing concepts addressing well service cementing and slim hole directional drilling applications.
  • Membrane volumetric pumping (“bubble pump”).
  • Waste fluid handling/treatment lines (gas/liquid separation, solid filtering, waste water/drilling fluids cooling, gas abatement).
  • Soft acidizing techniques.

Well completion

  • Anti-corrosion well concept combining steel casings and fiberglass liners with a free annulus.
  • Inflatable testing/completion/production packers.

In order to secure technically sound and cost effective project completion, the in-house structure has been kept purposely light and open to foreign scientific and industrial consultants and partners. This flexibility allows to concentrate on a given objective the required conceptual and industrial expertise and know-how, the financial back-up, seldom encountered in a single firm, in informal task forces/joint ventures leading, whenever needed, to turnkey proposals.


Seven patents (France, Europe, USA) held to date, addressing downhole chemical injection/control lines, anti-corrosion well concept, sliding nozzle jetting tool, multifunction wireline logging cable, external pressurisation inflatable packer, membrane volumetric (bubble) pump, waste fluid handling/treatment unit (pending).