Geothermal well blowout & control emergency services

In 1995 , GPC was awarded by geothermal district heating operators an ad-hoc emergency/rescue contractaimed at controling well blowouts and avoiding subsequent damage , owing to a sensitive , densely populated , urban environment, a hot fluid (65 to 80°C) and the presence of flamable (methane) and toxic (hydrogene sulphide) solution gases. This preventing policy proved effective with five sucessful operations recorded to date.

Contractor’s commitments

  • acquire, maintain, replace the required equipment and logistics
  • availability of the interventing team,24 hours around the clock, maximum 4 hours delay for leak diagnosis
  • maximum 8 hours delay for team and equipments on site, ready to operate.

Completed operations:

  • August 15, 1995: Thiais production well
    Diagnosis performed 2 hours alert, leak under control 4 hours later. Well repair achieved in 24 hours.
  • June 06, 1997 : Villeuneuve Saint Georges injection well
    Interventing team on site 2 hours after alert (obvious diagnosis).
    Blow out (above 200m3/h leak) controled within 4 hours .
    Well shut in 12 hours after alert.
  • July 23, 1997: Blanc Menil injection well
    GPC outsite 2 hours after alert. Diverting of leak flow to the semage network .
    Well killed 24 hours after alert.
  • June 23, 1999: Meaux Beauval 2 production well
    Arrival on the spot 3 hours after alert (diagnosis).
    Equipment and team on the spot 4 hours later. Well under control after 5 hours.
    Well killed within 6 hours.