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Poland’s Ministry of Climate and Environment thru the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOSiGW) under the “Provision of thermal waters in Poland” program has approved funding of PLN 530 million (approx. USD 131 million) for 18 geothermal projects. The applications that have received a positive response come from the following locations:

  • Grojec Commune
  • Barlinek Commune
  • Mysliborz Commune
  • Nysa Commune
  • Strzelce Krajenskie Commune
  • City of Szczecin
  • Krakow Municipal Commune
  • Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki
  • Police Commune
  • Stare Babice Commune
  • Serock Town and Commune
  • City of Sierpc
  • Kruszwica Commune

The “Provision of thermal waters in Poland”  is dedicated solely to supporting the drilling of the first research and appraisal well, aimed at effectively making thermal waters available in Poland. It is an important step towards supporting local governments in implementing geothermal investments and is crucial for reducing the risk associated with drilling the first research well on an as yet undocumented thermal water deposit, as the well can be financed up to 100%.

We had previously reported on a proposed geothermal well drilling in Krakow as one of the recipients of this funding.

The NFOSiGW also has a “Polska Geotermia Plus” program that supports the construction of new or existing geothermal heat or power plants, as well as the drilling of additional geothermal wells, and modernization of existing facilities.

Another program, the “Environment, Energy, and Climate Change” program, subsidizes up to 50% of eligible costs for the construction of energy production systems based on deep geothermal sources, and the drilling of production/reinjection wells in areas where geothermal potential has been confirmed based on test drilling, and the construction of heating infrastructure.

From 1995 to 2022, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management has provided co-financing for geothermal research and exploratory work for 46 projects for a total subsidy amount of PLN 583.5 million. This funding has included the working being done at Szaflary, where drilling for a 7-kilometer geothermal borehole is ongoing.


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