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PW Geoenergy, a subsidiary of PW Energy, has announced a tender for exploration drilling of two geothermal wells in the territory of Lovca in Slovakia for the Ziar nad Hronom geothermal project. The project has an estimated value of EUR 20 million. Requests to participate will be accepted until 1st of February 2024.

The tender will be for the drilling of two geothermal wells – a vertical production well (GTZ-1) to a depth of 4000 meters with the possibility of additional 100 meters depth, and a deviated reinjection well (GTZ-2) to a vertical depth of 3400 meters and measured depth of 3992 meters.

The Ziar geothermal power project has a total expected generation capacity of 20 MWe. Deep geothermal water with an expected temperature of 130 to 140 degrees °C will be used to produce electricity using modern technological equipment. Residual heat can then be used for domestic heating, industrial heating, agriculture, and recreational purposes.

A pre-tender request for information had been published by PW Energy for drilling at the Ziar nad Hronom project in early 2022.

In mid-2022, Stredoslovenska energetika Holding (SSE Holding) group acquired a stake in PW Geoenergy, a subsidiary that was established primarily for the implementation of a geothermal power plant in the district of Ziar nad Hronom.

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