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Pumping tests will be run for a geothermal heating project in Bochum, Germany that seeks to tap warm water from an abandoned coal mine. Local utility Stadtwerke Bochum and subsidiary FUW GmbH are responsible for this project.

During the test phase, parameters such as the temperature and flowrate of resource will be assessed to determine if they are enough to operate the geothermal plant as planned. The aim of the project is to supply 75% of the heating requirements of the new commercial area. On hot summer days, the resource can also be used for air conditioning systems.

The first well for the project was drilled to a depth of 340 meters in February 2022. A second well had then been drilled to 820 meters depth. FUW GmbH and the Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Infrastructures and Geothermal Energy (Fraunhofer IEG) jointly explored the use of mine water at the MARK 51°7 site and implemented the drilling concept with the drilling company MND Drilling.

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