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Iceland has the fortunate reputation as a country that is seemingly synonymous with geothermal. From iconic natural features to the numerous geothermal plants that supply both power and heating, it is an understatement to say that geothermal has become an essential resource to Iceland and its people.

The importance of Iceland to the global geothermal sector is reason enough for the 5th Iceland Geothermal Conference (IGC 2024) to be one of the most important industry events this year. To learn more about this event, we interviewed Rósbjörg Jónsdóttir, Managing Director of the Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster and member of the Conference Committee of IGC 2024.

The Iceland Geothermal Conference will be held on 28-30 May, 2024 at the Harpa in Reykjavik, Iceland.

IGC 2024 promises to be an excellent platform for exploring the diverse opportunities in a quickly growing and evolving geothermal sector. The sessions will cover a wide range of topics, and there will be plenty of options for networking. Click here to register for IGC 2024.


What is the agenda or theme of the event?

The theme of this year´s Iceland Geothermal Conference (IGC) is Redefine Tomorrow with Geothermal.

The agenda is structured around three key focus points; security, sustainability and viability, Each highlighting distinct aspects and benefits associated with the utilization of geothermal energy. The conference sessions have been thoughtfully crafted to delve into specific elements within each focus point.

Security & Stability: One of the central themes is devoted to exploring strategies that ensure resilience and security in geothermal energy operations. Attendees will engage in discussions and presentations aimed at fortifying the stability of geothermal energy initiatives.

Sustainability & Innovation: Another pivotal focus revolves around delving into groundbreaking innovations that propel geothermal energy towards a greener and more sustainable future. Conference sessions under this theme will spotlight the latest advancements and sustainable practices within the geothermal energy sector.

Viability & Profitability: The third focus point centres on discussing the economic viability and profitable models driving geothermal energy initiatives forward. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the financial aspects of geothermal projects, exploring models that contribute to the long-term viability and profitability of such ventures.

Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center, Reykjavik/ Iceland (source: ThinkGeoEnergy, creative commons)

The conference will also highlight the social impact of geothermal projects and the role that geothermal development plays in building resilient, prosperous, and sustainable communities for generations to come.

The diversified content ensures that participants can maximize their experience, by explore a wide range of topics, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted benefits and applications of geothermal energy.


What are the opportunities for participants in the event?

Participants at the Iceland Geothermal Conference (IGC) have a multitude of opportunities to experience.

Firstly, the IGC serves as a global platform with representation from approximately 40 countries and around 500 professionals and decision-makers. This diverse gathering creates ample networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect with potential customers and business partners.

Secondly, the conference’s venue in Iceland allows attendees to witness firsthand the benefits of geothermal energy, drawing inspiration from Iceland’s successful century-long history of geothermal utilization. Iceland serves as an exemplary model, showcasing how geothermal not only ensures a stable energy source but also enhances the quality of life through its diverse applications in sectors such as food, CCUS, and much more.

The conference facilitates face-to-face discussions with individuals capable of influencing their businesses. The event includes a B2B matchmaking feature, enabling participants to schedule personalized one-on-one meetings to delve into specific needs and establish valuable relationships. Engaging discussions on current practices, emerging technologies, and future business strategies will take place, facilitated by experts and top-level company representatives.

Reykjanes geothermal power plant of HS Orka, Iceland (source: ThinkGeoEnergy)

Thirdly, the conference presents captivating field trips for participants eager to witness, explore, and gain firsthand insights into the diverse applications of geothermal resources. These excursions extend beyond the conference venue, venturing into multiple locations both within and outside the capital, each showcasing unique facets of geothermal energy utilization.

Participants will have the opportunity to visit various areas that exemplify best practices, sustainable production methods, and the principles of a circular economy. These immersive experiences include tours to geothermal plants, greenhouses, resource parks, and a range of other locations dedicated to harnessing geothermal energy. These excursions aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the practical implementations of geothermal solutions, offering participants a holistic view of the industry’s sustainability and innovation.

Lastly, the conference’s exhibition component provides participants with valuable opportunities to meet partners and explore innovations in the geothermal field.

The exhibition showcases emerging services and innovative companies presenting products, equipment, and services related to software, food production, and engineering. This fosters discussions on current practices, emerging technologies, and future business strategies, enhancing the overall experience for IGC attendees.

To summarise:

  • Unique location offering both historical and innovative overview of geothermal utilisation.
  • Extensive agenda with international speakers from all around the world. ?
  • Exhibition where you will be able to meet with key international players?.
  • Multiple choices of fieldtrips?
  • Matchmaking program with B2B meetings
  • All actions filled with great networking opportunities?


What makes the IGC unique from other geothermal events?

What sets Iceland Geothermal Conference – IGC 2024 apart from other geothermal events is its distinctiveness rooted in the extensive experience and expertise that Iceland brings to the table in geothermal utilization. The unparalleled diversity of ways in which geothermal energy is harnessed makes Iceland truly unique. Iceland stands out as a remarkable example, meeting 100% of its electricity and heating requirements for both industry and society through renewable resources.

Unlike any other location, Iceland provides exclusive access to geothermal power plants featuring different installation setups and turbine configurations. Participants can explore expansive geothermal fields and witness firsthand the latest developments in technology, highlighting both direct and indirect utilizations of geothermal energy.

This unparalleled exposure to Iceland’s comprehensive geothermal infrastructure makes IGC an extraordinary event, offering attendees a wealth of insights and experiences not found in other geothermal gatherings.

Theistareykir geothermal power plant by Landsvirkjun, Iceland (source: Hreinn Hjartarson)

Moreover, the IGC format enhances the overall experience, encompassing sessions, panels, exhibitions, field trips, and abundant networking opportunities. This multifaceted approach ensures that participants gain extensive knowledge and connections, making our 5th Iceland Geothermal Conference – IGC 2024 a standout event in the geothermal landscape.


How will the event benefit the geothermal industry in Iceland and globally?

IGC 2024 serves as a pivotal platform for fostering collaboration within the geothermal industry, offering a unique opportunity for stakeholders to convene on shared ground. The event facilitates crucial discussions not only focused on the positive development of the industry but also delves into a comprehensive analysis of its limitations and hindrances, with the goal of identifying effective solutions.

With the diversity of geothermal applications in Iceland, the event provides a special insight into the options for both high-temperature and low-temperature utilization of geothermal resources. This is a key component for making geothermal projects more commercially feasible, thus making a wider social impact.

The role of geothermal in Iceland has made the country the standard in integrating geothermal into the energy mix. This is something that the country is very proud of. Thru the event’s presentation and field trips, we are hoping to share the experience of Iceland and inspire other countries to adapt similar practices and ideas.

The mutual benefits extend to both Iceland and the global audience participating in the conference. IGC acts as a hub for exchanging knowledge and best practices, providing a forum for industry leaders to collaborate on projects. The event becomes a catalyst for inspiration, encouraging stakeholders to learn from each other, drive improvements, and foster innovation within the geothermal sector.

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