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GeoSphere Austria has launched the Geothermal Atlas, an interactive online tool that shows the potential for shallow geothermal systems in Vienna, Austria. Though initially only available for Vienna, work is underway to expand that project’s scope to Salzburg and Styria, and eventually to the entire Austria.

The Geothermal Atlas provides tailored information that will help in making informed decisions for the development of shallow geothermal systems. It provides geothermally relevant data, such as heating and cooling potential, both for large areas and specific locations. The new application is intended to provide an initial assessment of the energy potential which may be useful for homeowners, property developers, investors, or those who are generally interested in renewable energy.

The Atlas provides recommendations on the number, locations, and depth of boreholes needed to support a specified number of hours of annual heating and cooling for any property or area. It will also calculate for the amount of power needed to run the recommended geothermal system.

Sample output for geothermal heating and cooling potential from Geothermal Atlas (source: Screenshot from Geothermal Atlas / GeoSphere Austria)

Source: GeoSphere Austria 

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