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Seequent, The Bentley Subsurface Company, has launched a free web application geared towards earth science education with an immersive and intuitive gaming experience. The app moves beyond traditional 2D and paper-based teaching methods into immersive 3D cloud-based modelling

Visible Geology is a free web application that anyone with Internet can access for free – no subscription needed.

Visible Geology offers a gaming experience that is set to transform the way earth science students are taught the key concepts of geology – a foundational science for understanding the earth. The app was developed with CerebralFix, a game development studio that creates innovative and interactive digital experiences for companies including entertainment giants like Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks.

Seequent has long made its mark in the geothermal industry with the widely used Leapfrog Energy subsurface modeling software, which has supported about 65% of all geothermal power generated globally. In 2023, Seequent expanded its geothermal modeling capabilities to surface facilities with the acquisition of Flow State Solutions.

Addressing the need for more geoscientists

“At Seequent, we are passionate about inspiring the next generation of earth scientists. We know how critical earth scientists are to understanding the earth’s resources and solving some of the world’s most urgent and complex challenges – from climate resilience to the energy transition. With falling enrolments and older professionals retiring, there is a workforce crisis ahead that is set to impact our way of life,” said Graham Grant, CEO of Seequent.

“That’s why we have taken our world-leading expertise in earth science software and brought in gaming expert CerebralFix to build Visible Geology and make it available to everyone, for free.”

Screenshot of Visible Geology showing a vertical slice across a formation (source: Seequent)

Around the globe, universities are reporting a significant decline in earth science enrolments and courses are being cut. Australia has witnessed a 40% slump in geoscience students completing degrees in the last eight years*, and in 2020 the UK reported a 43% decrease** in students studying geology since 2014. The American Geosciences Institute has reported a workforce deficit of 130,000 geoscientists in the US by 2030***.

“Video games have an incredible ability to transform education by blending immersive experiences with interactive learning. They are much more than just entertainment; applications like Visible Geology are dynamic tools that empower learners to explore and experiment in ways that traditional methods cannot match,” said CerebralFix Co-CEO Chelsea Rapp.

Dr Kate Pedley, Geology Lecturer, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, was part of the Visible Geology testing process with her students and is already incorporating Visible Geology into her undergraduate courses. “Visible Geology is intuitive and easy to use. Students can play around with it and have a bit of fun and it builds understanding in a way that complicated 2D maps can’t. Visible Geology builds a bridge for students to the professional geoscience software they will use in their careers,” said Dr Pedley.

To learn more about Visible Geology, Seequent has prepared a 3-minute video summary of its objectives and design principles. The Seequent also prepare a 3D model of Lyttelton Harbour in Christchurch, New Zealand for those who want to explore the web app and its capabilities.

Visible Geology complements Seequent’s academic program, an international network of students, educators, and researchers using Seequent’s professional software for low or no cost, to advance our understanding of the earth at more than 500 leading universities.

Source: Seequent

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